Saturday, 9 January 2010

The price of a fair legal system

So, the Nigerian fellow who tried to destroy an American plane with an explosive device in his undies, has declared himself "NOT GUILTY".


There he is, igniting an explosive device stitched INTO HIS OWN FREAKIN' KNICKERS, and he's trying to say he didn't do it. Whichever way this plays out he is going to be enjoying the pleasures of permanent accommodation by the United States for the rest of his miserable life. A long wait for his quota of willing heavenly virgins, although one suspects he has forfeited those, since he screwed up the mission. Allah ain't rewarding no doofus.

But, could there be a WIN here for our pathetic little UndieBomber? Of course there is. By pleading "Not Guilty" he now commits the US legal system to a long and hideously expensive trial. The end result will be the same - but Uncle Sam will be that much poorer, and a bunch of legal firms that much richer.

Super ditto for the oxygen thieves shortly to go on trial in New York for their part in 9/11. Here's one of them:

I can't remember its name, and don't care enough about it to look it up. Let's just call it 'Fluffy.'

It has been estimated that the trial of Fluffy and Friends will cost around $200,000,000 per year. Yes, it's likely to take more than one.

Again, sheesh.

Fluffy and Co are as guilty as all Hell. But in the name of giving them a fair trial, a bunch of lawyers are going to become obscenely rich(er) for an outcome that is guaranteed, no matter which way the trial goes.

Fluffy will be in jail for the rest of his dreary existence. He can enjoy that time with the warm and fuzzy knowledge that it cost the US shitloads of money getting him there.

Yes, it is good we have courts that uphold the individual's right to be treated fairly.


I know I'm wrong to say this, but part of me would have little difficulty accepting Fluffy and the likes of the UndieBomber being flayed, hung, drawn and quartered by enraged mobs.

Some of our fellow humans just manage to bring out one's Inner Barbarian, I guess...


  1. Doesn't Texas still have corporal punishment? Can we try them there? Can we use cattle prods? Caning? Or, eye for an eye, can we implode a building on them?

  2. :-)

    I don't actually agree with corporal punishment in any form.

    Some criminals just make me wish I weren't so gosh darned liberal!