Thursday, 24 December 2009


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Worth Waiting For

Mary, the last Christian lay dying.

No priest stood beside her to administer the Last Rites. No Charismatic Fundamentalist was there to condemn her to Hell. Sick of waiting for the Rapture, the last of them had committed ritual mass suicide four years ago. The Zion-Mecca World War over the last decade had cleaned out the belfrys of both of those houses of religious adherence. The Hindis and Buddists were still out there however, just getting loonier and loonier. Ah well.

Mary died.

Awestruck, she walked down the blue tunnel of light to meet her maker – the One True and Only God.

The One True and Only God sat on His throne at the end of the tunnel, observing Mary’s approach.

And so it was that Bumba, the Congo God of Vomiting arose and looked down on His newest angel.

Welcome to the afterlife!Bumba intoned, and projected a massive torrent of steaming emesis at Mary.

You were expecting Thor?”, He asked rhetorically, before repeating His Godly speciality, and not for the last time…


  1. While I can imagine the society you create in the beginning, the ending was rather wild and immature in the way that young boys will exaggerate a story's ending to include exploding butts or something that causes them to burst into wild giggles while their audience stares at them. Vomiting? Really?
    Maybe I'm missing something. I'm a girl afterall. And we just don't get it. :)

  2. Bumba is a 'real' god. There is a link attached to the name in the story. When I came across Him, he was too good to pass up.

    Immature? Probably. Gotta have some fun. I'm only 56...

    My wife (who IS a girl) was amused though. ;-)