Monday, 20 July 2009

40th Anniversary - Apollo 11!

First image of landing site in 40 years courtesy of LRO
Congratulations of course, to Neil, Buzz and Michael, this being the 40th Anniversary of the first landing on the moon.

Raspberries and a cactus up the anus, to all the conspiracy fruitcakes that reckon it never happened. They are endlessly tedious and collectively have a negative brain cell count. The day Buzz punched one in the face (the jerk sprang out at Buzz and called him a liar, a thief and a cheat) was a great day for Truth, Justice, and the American Way! :-)

I do have a 40 year old grudge with Neil though.

He was so hyped up after landing that he insisted on skipping a three hour rest break scheduled for before the moonwalk. NASA caved and he and Buzz went out early. And I missed seeing the whole thing, as I was stuck in a compulsory school exam. My school refused to reschedule the exam just because of a little something happening on the Moon... It was all over before I got home. I couldn't see anything at school, as my school didn't have any televisions...

"Next time for sure!" I thought.

Nope. Al Bean buggered the Apollo 12 video camera by pointing it at the sun just after he and Pete Conrad started their moonwalk.

"Next time for sure!" I thought.

Nope. Apollo 13 never landed, but that's another story.

"Next time for sure!" I thought.

AMAZING! FINALLY! Live TV from the moon with Apollo 14! Wee...!


  1. Yeah, being in Year 5, we were stuck in the back of the assembly hall to see the (very fuzzy) b/w broadcast. It was a few months before it was discovered I needed glasses, but when I caught a repeat of the walk a few years later, the images were still fuzzy!

  2. Yes, rather fuzzy pictures - what modern folks fail to realise is that in 1969 television cameras were as big as a refrigerator. The first Apollo camera was seen as a miracle of miniaturisation being only the size of a shoe box. The pictures still sucked though...! :-)