Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Aghast! Nooooo! Shield the Eyes of the Children Lest They Be Corrupted!

Finished averting your eyes in moral terror? Good. So, why am I displaying this image of Satanic Evil on my previously pure and chaste blog?

To get my ratings up.

Well, not really.

Recently it came to my attention that a blog listed in Google had gained the tag 'Pornography'.

Was there porn inside?


Unless you counted the unclothed baby image placed within by a loving mother. My suspicion is that some clever software somewhere was detecting too high a skin-to-clothing ratio thus generating an automatic tag of damnation. Or a neat advertisement!

We shall see.

I think I shall adorn my blog with other shameless hussies for a while and see what it unleashes.

I would like to think the American Taliban will descend on my blog in raging fury. They are, after all from the country that created a huge stink over a highly obscured nipple revealed at a football game (Janet Jackson's somewhat un-erotic wardrobe malfunction). That little moral catastrophe cost millions and is still making waves nearly 5 years later.

America is crazy. Here, have another pair of gratuitous tits, courtesy of someone's great great grandmother:

Not bad at all.

1 comment:

  1. Darlinge,

    Alas - still no porno tag. You mustn't be deserving enough.

    Throw a few more nudies on your site, courtesy of more people's great grandmothers...

    I would also suggest the adding of some more gratuitous words, like tits, arse, and various other descriptors of the rude bits.

    Earn the tag!

    Word verification of subodwoo. subordinate pseudo science?