Thursday, 23 October 2008

Fun with Yanks

SPERchul skwerl WOY-yerz fer JAAAAY-suss!

Picking on accents is probably not a fair sport but it can be fun. The above doesn't make a lot of sense but it combines a few of my favourite American mispronunciations into a single phrase. The translation if you aren't sure is "Spiritual squirrel warriors for Jesus!" Yes, a silly concept, but it fits the type of southern U.S. ranting loon Fundie persona I'm thinking of.

'Warriors' as WOY-yerz seems more widespread though. I have heard quite well-spoken US citizens use it, as well as a few who can say it correctly.

As an Australian I can't throw too many stones. STRINE for 'Australian' is still quite common. Or STROY-ya.

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