Friday, 12 September 2008

A list of oxygen thieves of the last 100 years

A short list of people the world would have been better off without:
  1. All the heads of Europe just prior to and during WW1. These pathetically useless mammals helped inspire the phrase: "What if you declared a war and nobody came?" Unfortunately everyone did come. 40,000,000 dead.
  2. Adolf Hitler and his inner circle of humanitarian sidekicks. 70,000,000 dead.
  3. US President Truman. This stupid prick had no valid human reason to drop the A-Bombs on 220,000 Japanese civilians - the Japanese military were already looking for a way to end the war and Truman knew it. He just didn't want the Russians to get to Japan first.
  4. Joseph Stalin. Millions slaughtered by Stalin's resilient paranoia.
  5. Mao Tse Tung. (Where the heck did the rename 'Mao Zedong' come from? The same guys who created 'Beijing' from 'Peking' I guess. Once names have been Westernised they should bloody well leave them alone. The new ones are rarely any more accurate than the old. So, how come we don't call 'Japan', 'Nippon'?)
  6. Idi Amin. Most Amazing Man. Thousands killed or eaten.
  7. Pol Pot. 1 - 3 million (Pol himself reckoned it was only a pardonable 800,000. What a guy.)
  8. Kim Il-Sung (Dad). Human Rights? We ain't got no steenking human rights...
  9. Kim Jong-Il (Son). Human Rights? We ain't got no steenking human rights...
  10. Dim Sum Il Jong (Cousin). Human Rights? We ain't...(oh all right - that one is a little silly. I'll get back to being deadly serious)
  11. Osama Bin Laden and happy friends. A comment is hardly necessary.
  12. All those happy suicide bombers. Kill everyone who doesn't share your faith. Allah be praised. Kill the Shi'a if you're Sunni. Allah be praised. Kill the Sunni if you're Shi'a. Allah be praised. Kill all infidels because Allah is too piss-weak to do his own dirty work. Allah be praised. The guy suicide bombers all score 72 shiny new virgins each - what do the girls get? More Holy Rogering, I guess. Allah be praised.
  13. Presidents Bush. A right pair of village idiots. Brought about the demise of far more Iraqis than poor departed Saddam ever managed AND set us all teetering on the brink of Holy Wars for the foreseeable future. Allah be praised.
I'm sure many names could be added but its MY biased incomplete list, not yours, so bugger off.

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