Sunday, 10 August 2008

Websites of Woo #1: Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation

The first in a series of Total Bullshit Websites (TBW's).

Words failed me as I dredged the rich vein of dross within this site.

Buy the Rejuvenizer®! (it's a vaguely glittery looking pendant that costs US$159, or various other lumps of rock or rings containing what appears to be opal from US$25 - $149)

Clears your energy field to 100% positive! Encoded with over 3.5 million (wowie!) healing and protective functions ... to clear your negative programming that creates dysfunction in your immune system, heart, spleen, thyroid and adrenals! Builds a matrix of higher dimensional frequencies around the body to protect the physical and subtle bodies from all the electromagnetic fields! Clears many kinds of viruses and bacteria! Clears energy blockages-created by the "high-tech" frequencies-in the area of the higher chakras!

Genuine proof it works! An unidentified (surprise) university researcher says:

"I have been researching various subtle energy and vibrational medicine technologies for several years. Recently, I carried out some interesting tests with the Personal Rejuvenizer ... I did an initial check up on myself and found 17 interferences. I did not harmonize them. I then wore a Personal Rejuvenizer for 24 hours and measured myself again. After 24 hours, 13 of the 17 interferences had been harmonized. After a further 24 hours, the remaining 4 interferences had also been harmonized. This was, to say the least, an extremely impressive result. I have not encountered another product with this ability to harmonize interferences so quickly and effectively." –A.G., Researcher, M.A., London University, M.Phil, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Hopefully A.G. did this 'research' in their own time. In secret.

This sickening display of pseudoscience infused with endless mystical mumbo-jumbo goes on for many pages. Read about how a new satellite system is wiping out everyone's etheric(?) body. The Rejuvenizers® will save you!

Read all at your peril:

Check out the FAQ and you will learn how Phyllis created her Rejuvenizers® in the 4th dimension (time, hopefully) with the help of a group of Higher dimensional beings assigned to her (by who or what?) way back in 1988. "Unusual, I know, but all true." says Phyllis. Oh puh-leeze...

TBW RATING --- 10/10 'Surely nothing could be sillier than this...' - Petros

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