Wednesday, 17 May 2006

A Westie Moment

(Americans: 'Westie' = 'Redneck')

I was standing in a queue at the supermarket today and a voice several metres away said: "G'Day Santa Claus" After several seconds I realised the line was directed at me. I looked up to see a clean-shaven Westie (you can tell) about 10 years my junior leering at me expectantly. I smiled, vaguely.

"I call every guy I see with a beard, 'Santa Claus'!"

With that, he was gone. It felt rather surreal.

Here is a rather recent photo of me with my children. Do I really look like Santa Claus?

(11 years ago I was paid $250 to play Santa at a business dinner, but that's another story... :-)

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