Monday, 8 October 2012

Waiting for liftoff

SpaceX is launching its second mission to the International Space Station in about an hour and I will certainly be watching and cheering if all goes smoothly.

This mission is important as it will develop confidence that the first successful mission was not just luck. SpaceX is the first purely non-governmental organisation launching returnable spacecraft into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). It makes a lot of sense being able to hand LEO missions to private enterprise and free up NASA to develop bolder and riskier long term goals like manned missions to Mars, or beyond...

I find it a bit depressing that this will go with barely a blip in the media.

But, no worries!

For instance, stories about the hijinks of that perennial dickhead Alan Jones will continue to run and run and run and run... It is, after all the responsibility of the media to report on the IMPORTANT things in life.


UPDATE. 'Twas a perfect launch. :-) ISS here comes Dragon. Alan Jones who?

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